Monday, December 10, 2007

Crossroads the latest art work by Grace Slick

It's been forty two years since Grace Slick embraced and recruited Alice, the White Rabbit and the rest of Wonderland, to help comment on a very confusing time.

Speaking to a clash of Generations, a controversial war half the world away and a social climate that was changing very quickly. Grace found herself standing smack-center in this divide. Slightly older then the hippies and coming from a button-down upbringing, she felt the pull deeply from the cultural divide. 

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Signed Evil Knievel print by Stephen Holland

On Friday Nov (2007) we lost a true living American legend, the worlds greatest dare-devil,
Evel Knievel. Stephen Holland and all of us at Limelight would like to pass along our deepest sympathies tot he Knievel family. 

Evel Knivel holds a special place in our hearts, as a short time ago Stephen was invited to add Evel to his long list of painted legends. That painting was transformed into a edition, that Mr. Knievel chose s one of the few things he would sign in his last days.